Currently - No Regulation-sized Playable Courts

The MCTA seeks to build upon the love of tennis within the community and help foster programs for adults and youth. We seek to provide a safe environment for all of our programs, the high school tennis matches and for anyone who just wants to get out and play tennis!

The MCTA is diligently working to have new courts built with donations from community members, business sponsors and others  so we can continue to promote tennis in our commnity.

Youth and Adult Programs

Under the direction of our Director of Tennis, our youth programs have grown from as few as 3 to as many as 26 participants which shows there is a growing interest in tennis.

We hope to:

  • Provide more after school programs year-round
  • Provide adult programs and instruction
  • Provide summer camps
  • Have Junior Travel Teams
  • Host local and USTA Tournaments

High School Tennis

The Berkeley Springs High School Tennis team continues to succeed even without proper courts for practice and no courts in which they are able to have home matches.

We hope to:

  • Help to provide 4-8 playable courts to be able to host home matches (4 is the minumum)
  • Host the Regional High School Tournament (would need 6-8 courts)
  • Host summer USTA tournaments to raise money for high school team (would need 6-8 courts)